History Is Happening Now

In a moment that would have been unimaginable 50 years ago—when a handful of protestors demonstrated for gay rights in front of Independence Hall—the Supreme Court ruled on the legality of marriage between same-sex couples on June 26, 2015.

“LGBT people are not asking for anything out of the ordinary. We're just asking for the same rights that everyone else has.”

—singer Ricky Martin quotes on the website of UN Free & Equal, a United National Campaign for LGBT equality

“Our society needs to recognize the unstoppable momentum toward unequivocal civil equality for every gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender citizen of this country.”

—out actor and producer Zachary Quinto, in response to the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, a bisexual teen and YouTuber known for speaking out against homophobic bullying, 2011